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Moving? Remodeling? Cleaning Up? As a residential client, you may need to do a little planning before beginning a serious project. Take remodeling for example – Demolition and clean up can create a lot of garbage and be very costly too.


White Trash offers residential services that will dispose of that garbage, like old flooring or carpet that is removed from a house. We have small dumpster rentals or large dumpster rentals that would be appropriate for any size kitchen or bath remodeling job. This also includes any clean up of a basement, garage, or yard.

Roll-Off Containers

What is a roll-off container?


A roll-off container is a large, rectangular, open-top receptacle that can be hoisted onto the back of a flatbed truck and "rolled off" at the desired location. Often referred to as dumpsters, roll-offs are owned primarily by waste disposal companies that rent to individuals or businesses for large amounts of rubbish removal. Different roll-off dumpster sizes are available for small and large amounts of rubbish removal.

Special Pick-Up

What is special pick-up for?


Special pick-up services are usually ordered for the type of waste that is not recommended or allowed in regular trash including: Concrete and Rock, Dirt, Tree Debris / Yard Waste, Tires, etc.

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